About Us

The BOSS Emerging Leaders program is a leadership initiative launched in 2012 by The Australian Financial Review's BOSS Magazine in partnership with the University of Sydney Business School focused on supporting and mentoring Australia’s future leaders. Since its inception the program has attracted some of Australia’s brightest young business talent and we are committed to recognising, developing and promoting these individuals.

The program harnesses the wisdom of keynote speakers and program partner, the University of Sydney Business School to provide a structured schedule of regular events providing our members with an opportunity to hear from Australia’s best leadership experts.



The University of Sydney Business School is deeply committed to recognising, developing and promoting the future leaders of business. There is little doubt that the world of business is changing more rapidly than ever before. This means that the next generation of leaders will need to be both personally and professionally capable of meeting the demands that business will make of them.

The ability to reconcile opportunity with responsibility, and being able to balance their own personal ambitions with those of their team will be critical elements of career success. As a result, we are very keenly focused on delivering programs that enable the leaders of tomorrow to identify not just their strengths, but also their personal and professional opportunities to acquire knowledge and develop the skills they need, to become the best they can be.

The drive to produce great business leaders is a core element of our MBA program, and is central to the our broader mission of equipping emerging leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed. That is why the Business School is proud to partner again with Financial Review BOSS Magazine to present the Emerging Leaders Program in 2017.